Starting your dream home journey? We handle everything – site prep, utilities, driveway, flatwork, permits, clean-up, retaining walls, and drainage. New homeowners with Hi-line Homes or Adair, we've got you covered.


Transform your outdoor space with our beautiful stone retaining walls. Meticulously crafted, our walls seamlessly elevate and enhance the character of your landscape with enduring elegance.


Discover the allure of our expert hardscaping services. From paver patios to walkways and driveways, we create functional and captivating outdoor spaces that perfectly complement your vision.


Experience the vibrancy of lush greenery with our hydroseeding expertise. We seamlessly blend cutting-edge techniques with eco-friendly solutions to transform your outdoor spaces.


Experience seamless and efficient materials delivery with our dedicated service. From rock to mulch, topsoil, and sand, our larger trucks and specialized equipment ensure timely and reliable transport, bringing quality landscaping materials right to your doorstep. Trust us to handle the heavy lifting, making your project a breeze from start to finish.


Dismantle with precision and ease through our professional demolition services. Whether it's clearing the way for a new project or removing structures with finesse, our skilled team and specialized equipment ensure safe and efficient demolition. Count on us to handle every aspect, turning the old into a clean slate for your next venture.


Elevate the health and vibrancy of your landscape with Clean Rivers' expert irrigation services. Our tailored solutions ensure efficient and sustainable watering, promoting lush greenery and a thriving outdoor environment.


Clean Rivers extends its expertise to commercial ventures, offering a comprehensive suite of services. From site preparation to retaining walls, hardscaping, and beyond, we shape commercial landscapes with precision and excellence.


Unlock the potential of your projects with Clean Rivers' excavation services. From groundbreaking to shaping foundations, our team ensures precision and efficiency in every detail, laying the groundwork for your vision to come to life.


At Clean Rivers, we specialize in comprehensive stormwater management solutions to safeguard your property against flooding and erosion. From innovative drainage systems to sustainable water management practices, we're your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and resilience of your outdoor space.


Enhance your outdoor space with Clean Rivers' expert fencing and decking services. From durable fences to stylish decks, we tailor solutions to suit your needs, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics are seamlessly integrated into your landscape.

customized circular paver patio by Clean Rivers
retaining wall and landscaping by Clean Rivers
Retaining walls, stone steps, fencing and patio by Clean Rivers
curb appeal with landscaping and stone retaining walls by Clean Rivers
heavy equipment excavation by Clean Rivers