Discover Clean Rivers' portfolio of commercial success stories. From sleek site preparations to professional hardscaping, each project exemplifies our expertise in transforming business landscapes. Explore the visual impact and functionality of spaces crafted with precision for commercial ventures.


Elevate your outdoor dining experience with Arby's, where we've curated a landscape that delights the senses. At Clean Rivers, we take pride in crafting lush environments, and our work at Arby's is no exception. From designing and installing precision irrigation systems to ensuring lush greenery with top-notch sprinkler setups, we've transformed the surroundings into a verdant oasis. Savor your meal in a setting that's as fresh and inviting as the flavors on your plate, courtesy of Clean Rivers.

Landscaping and irrigation by Clean Rivers
Clean rivers truck parked outside of the Arby's they just finished landscaping


At Southwestern Oregon Community College, Clean Rivers has revitalized outdoor spaces with sustainable landscaping solutions. Our expertise shines through in carefully planned irrigation, lush landscaping, and efficient Bioswale installation. Experience a campus environment that balances functionality and beauty, where every detail contributes to a vibrant, eco-conscious landscape.

Walkway landscaping, irrigation and mulch at SWOCC by Clean Rivers
Outdoor landscaping in front of SWOCC by Clean Rivers